Members Forum: Accounting Technicians (ATs) – slides and videos

Published date: December 6, 2022

In previous Members meetings, Forums were held to create a high level of interaction on contemporary and emerging matters of interest to the profession.

This session focused on the CAPA AT Project and related Output, a major piece of work included in the approved 2022 Work Program.

It included:

  • Project and Output Overview – a series of Roundtables were held during 2022 comprising a range of parties with interest in ATs. The work culminated in the drafting of a “Call to Action for the recognition of ATs as part of the accountancy profession.” The overview highlighted the key aspects of the project and the conclusions reached.
  • Panellists Insights – a selection of organisations provided their perspectives, including:
    • existing AT providers discussed the impact of technology, pathway arrangements, career opportunities and key messages for other PAOs thinking about introducing an AT program and qualification
    • PAOs considering introducing an AT program – discussed the challenges, perceived opportunities and expected benefits
    • Global and regional leaders – discussed developments in our region and beyond
  • Interactive Q&A – member representatives were invited to raise any questions with CAPA leadership, panellists or other members.

The session aimed to assist PAOs to gain a better understanding of ATs as they consider whether to pursue related opportunities. The Call to Action to increase the recognition of ATs aims to support PAOs wishing to successfully introduce programs and service this aspect of the accountancy profession.


Download the slides here:

1) Brian Blood – Chief Executive, CAPA

2) Sarah Beale – Chief Executive Officer, AAT UK

3) Naleen De Silva – President, AAT Sri Lanka

4) Catherine Cleary – Director New Markets & Alliances, IPA Group (Australia)

5) Tahira Sultana – Senior Manager Education & Training, ICAP (Pakistan)

6) Trudy Paul – Project Director, Development AT, SAICA (South Africa)