Maturity Model

February 2014

National professional accountancy organisations (PAOs) are integral to developing and maintaining a strong and sustainable accountancy profession that serves the public interest and contributes to the growth and stability of economies. Recognising the importance of a PAO, CAPA’s PAO Development Committee developed the “Maturity Model™” to assist PAOs in assessing their organisations’ growth and development goals.

The Maturity Model™ is a support tool that allows PAOs to take a systematic approach to their organisational development, helping them make decisions and carry out their commitment to excellence, easily tracking their progress along the way. It provides a roadmap for organisation growth based on measurement and improvement of practices and processes, irrespective of a PAO’s current stage of development. The Maturity Model’s™ open approach and user-friendly interface present a clear value proposition that is unique on the international PAO development stage, and a level of flexibility that allows PAOs to decide on their own purpose and pace of improvement efforts.


View: Maturity Model™ for the Development of Professional Accountancy Organisations | PDF | 44 pages

Some parts of the Maturity Model™ document has been extracted and provided here in a different format for ease of completing information for your organisation.

Download: Attribute Tables for 16 KSAs & Maturity Model™ Wheel for self-assessment | Word DOC | 18 pages

Download: Appendix B: Questionnaire – Background Information | Word DOC | 2 pages

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Supporting Materials for the Maturity Model™ Key Success Areas

CAPA is continuously developing or searching for additional resources as supporting materials to the 16 key success areas (KSAs) of the Maturity Model™. This includes a “Guidance Series” to support the Maturity Model™ publications. Published guidance is available in the next section – Maturity Model™ Guidance Series.

Below are supporting materials published by other organisations that are relevant resources for certain KSAs. This list will be updated periodically when new supporting materials become available.

  1. KSA: Advocacy & Influence | Material: Finding Your Voice – IFAC, April 2015 | PDF | 23 pages