Audit Group (AG) and Ethics Group (EG)

The Audit Group (AG) and Ethics Group (EG) are working groups formed to provide input and recommendations to the Board.

The Groups provides assistance in any subsequent implementation of strategies, activities and matters of relevance for CAPA to pursue in respect of audit and ethics, respectively. One of the key objectives for both groups is to identify emerging and contemporary matters involving the subject matter and consider if and how CAPA can best position and/or play a role to support the profession to address.

The groups are established largely by subject‐matter experts, relevant individuals, or relevant interested individuals where access to experts is limited or not available.

Participation in the groups are open to the entire CAPA membership. Appointed members serve a two (2) years term, subject to satisfactory participation and contribution, and the term may be extended.

Audit Group members for the term 2019 to 2023

Ram Subramanian CPA Australia Australia
Sabbir Ahmed ICAB Bangladesh
Andrea Lee* CPA Canada Canada
Duan Shu CICPA China
Debashis Mitra ICAI India
Jae Ho Hwang KICPA Korea
Abdul Wasey Khan ICMAP Pakistan
Chun Wee Chiew ACCA United Kingdom
Katharine Bagshaw ICAEW United Kingdom
Brian Wilson AICPA USA

*Temporary substitute for Taryn Abate


Ethics Group members for the term 2019 to 2023

Kristen Wydell CA ANZ New Zealand
Gary Pflugrath CPA Australia Australia
Gigi Dawe CPA Canada Canada
Xiaoye Yuan CICPA China
Seon-Yeong Oh KICPA Korea
Batkhuyag Myagmar MonICPA Mongolia
Rana M. Usman Khan ICAP Pakistan
Ernest Betham SIA Samoa
Zarif Ludin ACCA United Kingdom
Ellen Goria AICPA USA