Working groups are formed, as required, to provide input and recommendations to the Board regarding strategies and activities for CAPA to pursue consistent with the organisation’s vision and mission. The Groups provide assistance in any subsequent implementation of strategies, activities and matters of relevance for CAPA to pursue. One of the key objectives for groups is to identify emerging and contemporary matters involving the subject matter and consider if and how CAPA can best position and/or play a role to support the profession to address.

Nominations to the groups are open to the entire CAPA membership. Appointees are selected based on subject‐matter experts, relevance or interest, where access to experts is limited or not available. Members serve a four (4) year term, subject to satisfactory participation and contribution.



Public Sector Advisory Group (PSAG)

PSAG replaces the previous Public Sector Financial Management Committee (PSFMC), and will continue to focus on advocating for, and providing guidance in, the improvement of public sector financial management on an international and national basis

PSAG members for the term 2024 to 2027

Md. Abdur Rahman Khan [Chair] ICMAB – Bangladesh
Gill Cox CA ANZ – Australia & New Zealand
Kemisha Soni ICAI – India
Manoj Kumar Anand ICAI-CMA – India
Khandtsooj Gombosuren MonICPA – Mongolia
Zia ul Mustafa ICMAP – Pakistan
Alexander Metcalfe ACCA – United Kingdom
Alison Ring ICAEW – United Kingdom