CAPA 2022 Annual Review now available

Published date: April 27, 2023

After a challenging 2 years of travel restrictions due to the pandemic, CAPA finally was able to return to some physical, face-to-face meetings. Fortunately, our first meeting took place alongside the 2022 World Congress of Accountants held in November at Mumbai, India.

On top of these in-person meetings, CAPA embarked on an ambitious project of achieving recognition of accounting technicians (ATs). This project received much acclaim and support from stakeholders.

CAPA also issued a world-leading comprehensive guide on Professional Qualification (PQ) to assist PAOs in creating new or improving existing programs. Work on the public sector financial management continued as well with the publication of Case Study 4: Sri Lanka.

Our focus on thought leadership continues, producing valuable guidance for our members and staging webinars to share the insights. CAPA also became involved in other webinars, often collaborating with others, to address contemporary topics.

Read all about these in the Annual Review 2022 below.


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