CAPA 2021 Annual Review now available

Published date: April 22, 2022

2021 continued to be impacted by the pandemic. However, the work of CAPA proceeded at pace. This included a focus on thought leadership, producing valuable guidance for its members and staging webinars to share the insights. CAPA also became involved in other webinars, often collaborating with others, to address contemporary topics. A highlight was also the CAPA Conference, staged approximately every four years and delayed from 2020 due to the pandemic. Staged for the first time on a virtual platform, this was a historic development for CAPA.

Dr. Chen Yugui, CAPA President, whose term ended at the end of 2021, noted,

 “I am thrilled with our thought leadership work which includes some really innovative concepts, such as our latest public sector publication. Feedback from members and stakeholders continues to indicate we are producing some first-class materials, and I wish CAPA well in maintaining these high standards.”

CAPA Chief Executive, Brian Blood, highlighted CAPA’s inaugural Purpose Statement, issued in 2021 – To help the accountancy profession in Asia Pacific to be the best it can be. “We aim to inspire, especially the professional accountancy organisations that have further room for development, by providing  information and ideas for consideration, with a focus on enhancing the value of the profession in Asia Pacific.”

We encourage you to have a read of the 2021 Annual Review for more details.


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