AGM and Members Meeting

Date: 21/06/2023

Location: Virtual

Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PM (Kuala Lumpur)


The AGM and Members Meeting will be held using an online platform hosted by the CAPA Secretariat.

Corresponding time for other time zones are as follows (* includes daylight saving time – DST).

6:00AM* – New York, Toronto
7:00AM* – Halifax
11:00AM* – London
12:00PM* – Paris
3:00PM – Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore
3:30PM – New Delhi, Colombo
3:45PM / 4:00PM – Kathmandu / Dhaka
6:00PM – Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Ulaanbaatar
7:00PM – Seoul, Tokyo
8:00PM – Melbourne, Sydney, Port Moresby
9:00PM – Honiara
10:00PM – Auckland, Christchurch, Nadi
11:00PM – Apia

For further details of the meeting, kindly contact the CAPA Secretariat.

PSFMC Outreach & Meetings

Start date: 05/07/2023

End date: 07/07/2023

Location: Ulaabaatar, Mongolia

This is an outreach meeting of the Public Sector Financial Management Committee (PSFMC), hosted by the Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MonICPA). The 3-day planned meetings would include PSFMC internal meetings plus engagement with Mongolian external stakeholders and MonICPA’s council and related committees.

For more information about the committee and its activities, kindly contact the CAPA Secretariat.

CAPA Board Retreat

Start date: 10/07/2023

End date: 12/07/2023

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The meeting dates and schedule are as follows. Please note that the sequence of meetings is tentative for the time being and may be subject to reshuffle.

10 July, Monday – Strategic Retreat
11 July, Tuesday – Strategic Retreat
12 July, Wednesday – Board Meeting

For further details of meetings, kindly contact the CAPA Secretariat.