PAOs: Extending Activities into the Public Sector

Published date: June 14, 2021

The latest addition to CAPA’s public sector focused library, PAOs: Extending Activities into the Public Sector, aims to:

  • provide the reasons why a PAO may wish to focus more on the public sector, highlighting the benefits and opportunities; and
  • identify and describe the types of public sector related activities a PAO can pursue.

Where PAOs already have a focus on the public sector, it aims to provide ideas for extending or strengthening the forms of engagement and activities.

This publication which is oversighted by CAPA’s Public Sector Financial Management Committee (PSFMC), concentrates on the development of PAOs.

It responds to the messages from an earlier survey CAPA undertook of its members and some other PAOs in the Asia Pacific region. The findings from the survey were published in 2019 – PAOs: Engaging with the Public Sector’.

View: PAOs: Extending Activities into the Public Sector | PDF | 20 pages (double-page version)

View: PAOs: Extending Activities into the Public Sector | PDF | 40 pages (printer-friendly single-page version)

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