[INVITE ONLY] Accounting Technicians Roundtable 7

Published date: October 21, 2022

Date: 27/10/2022

Location: Virtual

Duration: 2 hours

Accounting Technicians: Where to, from here? – a virtual meeting held on 8 July 2021 – concluded with a challenge and a goal. This goal is to examine and succeed in ‘Achieving AT Recognition’.

The Roundtable 7 is part of a ‘series of roundtables’. This is an ‘Invite-only’ event to systematically explore what is needed in reaching the goal of achieving AT recognition. In doing so, each roundtable will focus on one of these aspects:

  • a need to better define what an AT is (and therefore what an AT program looks like)
  • a need to ensure the role and benefits of an AT is recognised
  • a need to better position the AT qualification
  • a need to better understand what the future may look like for ATs
  • a need to understand the expectations of stakeholders

‘Achieving AT Recognition’ is an ambitious goal. The AT term or name has a level of general recognition (e.g. the term is used by IFAC) and by some PAOs and in some jurisdictions. Elsewhere, the type of accountant suggested under this term may be recognised by another term or name, and any related organisations that provide their studies or to which they belong, may encapsulate that name (e.g. book-keeper, administrator).

The AT project argues more attention should be given to this sector and to consider opportunities this may provide PAOs and the profession – read more here.

In comparison, ‘professional accountants’ arguably do have global recognition. These individuals have studied with, and may belong to, professional accountancy organisations (PAOs). Such accountants that offer services to the public tend to be regulated, and hence the public has a certain expectation of them.

Knowing what to expect of an AT is arguably less well understood.