CAPA support IFAC’s recommendation to the G-20 to build trust and integrity

Published date: September 3, 2016

The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) recently released a set of comprehensive recommendations to the Group of 20 (G-20) to build trust and integrity in the global economy. Global economic stability can be greatly enhanced by stronger governance across both public and private sectors, and a stable regulatory environment.

Released ahead of the G-20 Leaders’ Summit on 4-5 September 2016 in China, ‘Trust and Integrity: The Accountancy Profession’s Call for Action by the G-20’ includes recommendations on actions to create sustainable, inclusive public and private growth. It calls on G-20 members to address:

  • stronger governance for trust and integrity in business and the public sector; and
  • creation of a cooperative, consistent and smart regulatory environment.

CAPA supports this initiative and together with IFAC, calls on the accountancy profession to join effort in amplifying this message. For IFAC’s full recommendation to the G-20 and for more information on how to spread the message, visit the IFAC website at: