CAPA Distinguished Contribution Award – Alan Edwards

Published date: August 9, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the Board of CAPA has bestowed Alan Edwards with the CAPA Distinguished Contribution Award.

Alan became involved in CAPA in 2011 at a Roundtable event in Seoul, Korea as we started to really focus on the public sector. Subsequently, he was a speaker at a similar Roundtable and conference in Kathmandu, Nepal, also attending an early Public Sector Financial Management Committee (PSFMC) meeting.

These interactions may have played a part in the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) becoming an Affiliate member in 2014. In that same year Alan was a speaker at the first Financial Reform for Economic Development (FRED) Forum in Sri Lanka, also attending the related PSFMC meeting and contributing input during the drafting of the publication: “Attracting and Retaining Finance Personnel in the Public Sector”.

Alan was also a member of the IFAC PAO Development Committee, and in this role always advocated for the work of CAPA. Accordingly he took interest in and contributed towards CAPA’s PAO development work. Around 2018 he chaired an IFAC PAODC advisory group and taskforce considering both accounting technicians (ATs) and foundational accounting. Again, this provided links to CAPA’s work.

Until early 2018 he was an employee of CIPFA, and later was a volunteer supported by CIPFA. Alan was appointed to the PSFMC in early 2019 and appointed as the Chair in 2020, a position he held until CIPFA resigned from membership on 31 December 2021.

Alan is only the third person to receive the Distinguished Contribution Award. The name of the award is important and it is worth reflecting on how Alan’s contribution was ‘distinguishing’. Like others that went before him, his contribution exceeded normal expectations, went beyond what was expected of him, and significantly progressed CAPA’s objectives. His contribution was not just during meetings – it was consistent and supportive at all times.

Thank you Alan Edwards, for your contribution towards CAPA’s work.