Published date: March 18, 2020

[Update date: May 19, 2020]

In recent weeks and months, CAPA have been proactively dealing with the unfolding of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation nationally, regionally and globally. The health and wellness of our staff, volunteers and other stakeholders has and remains the priority. We have also considered ways in which we can support our members during this difficult period. Key actions that have occurred to date are as follows.

CAPA Meetings and Related Events

We postponed all in-person meetings and related events (Committees, Board and Members meetings), including the 20th CAPA Conference. It was a difficult but necessary decision and we thank the hosts in all the involved countries for working with us. For further details about all postponed meetings and events, refer to this page:

All in-person meetings have been replaced with virtual meetings where feasible. For updates on other virtual meetings for the remainder of 2020, refer to this page:

Secretariat Office Closure

On late 16 March 2020, the Government of Malaysia announced the implementation of the ‘Movement Control Order (MCO)’ nationwide effective 18 March 2020. The MCO have been extended based on latest developments as monitored by the government, with the latest extension to last until 9 June 2020. Accordingly, the CAPA office in Malaysia has been closed since 18 March 2020 and continues to stay closed until 9 June 2020 or as further advised by the government. Office staff are working from home during this period, and the Secretariat will be contactable via email and online conference platforms.

We were prepared for this eventuality, and at this stage we are not anticipating any challenges in maintaining our on-going work activities. We will similarly react to any further developments as we receive further notices from the government.

Supporting PAOs and their Members

A number of professional accountancy organisations (PAOs) are issuing guidance to their members, particularly, outlining what organisations and businesses need to do at this time, and how their members can assist. CAPA is accumulating and sharing such information between our members. We would be delighted to receive any such material from members which will also be maintained on our website.

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