Accounting Technicians – Exploring Opportunities for the Profession

Published date: November 3, 2018

The Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA) is excited to announce the launch of Accounting Technicians – Exploring Opportunities for the Profession. This publication was developed following a survey of professional accountancy organisations (PAOs) throughout Asia Pacific collecting information on the availability and nature of accounting technician (AT) or similar programs and qualifications.

The aim of the publication is to encourage better understanding of the AT sector and for PAOs to consider the importance of ATs as part of the wider accountancy profession. The publication encourages consideration of:

  • the services the AT sector provides to businesses and governments
  • the opportunities afforded to PAOs and their members
  • the benefits of adoption of core professional values within the sector
  • ways to develop and sustain the sector

AT Taskforce Chair, Nancy Foran, commented, “it became apparent that the value of a strong AT sector may present PAOs with unique business opportunity.” ATs fill the gap in some communities where more grass root accounting services and skills are needed. “CAPA’s AT publication aims to prompt individual PAOs to consider whether and how they might get involved, or otherwise revise their approach,” she added.

CAPA Chief Executive, Brian Blood, noted, “in considering the topic and reflecting on the experience of others, it became apparent that it is not just about benefitting the individual or strengthening the accountancy profession, but more importantly, it is about benefitting economies – consequently, this is a matter of public interest.”

The publication is also a digest for PAOs in that it outlines the key components within an AT-styled organisation and program, covering four examples of varying organisational arrangements and structures, as well as identifying nine typical characteristics and attributes. These are then illustrated by real life case studies from nine jurisdictions across Asia Pacific, and two from outside the region with South Africa and the United Kingdom. For an overview of the AT publication, read this flyer or watch this introduction video.

Leaders of the profession are encouraged to study the publication and consider any next steps, notably ‘whether and how they might create, support, partner, liaise with, or otherwise assist with developing and/or strengthening an AT (or equivalent) cohort within their jurisdiction’.

To access an electronic copy of the AT publication, go to: PAO Development > Accounting Technicians